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Section : Flower and Fruit Development

Sub-section selected: Flower Differentiation
Title Author Year Page
Preliminary Investigations in Use of Dormex™ (Hydrogen Cyanamide) in Walnuts. Grant, Joe 2009 319
Time of Flower Initiation and Differentiation as Influenced by Defoliation and Summer Pruning. Ryugo, Kay and David E. Ramos. 1978 8
Time of Flower Initiation and Degree of Fruitfulness in "Chico," A Precocious Walnut Cultivar. K. Ryugo and David E. Ramos 1977 9
Early Development of the Pistillate Flower in Seven Walnut Cultivars. Lin, Joseph; Bijan Shabany, Dave Ramos and Harold Forde. 1976 8
Regularity of Catkin Development. Martin, G.C. 1971 3
Dormancy. Martin, G.C. 1971 3


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