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Section : Insect and Mite Pests

Sub-section selected: Spider Mites
Title Author Year Page
Spider Mite Management in Walnuts. Mills, N. J., E. E. Grafton-Cardwell, and C. Cois 2013 275
Biological Control of Spider Mites in Walnuts. Welter, Stephen, Walt Bentley, and Frances Cave 2011 247
Control of Twospotted Spider Mites, Tetranychus Urticae, in Walnuts – 2003 Fouché, Benny, et al 2003 445
Spider Mite Control in Walnuts in 1997. Hendricks, Lonnie C. and Simon Bautista 1997 433
Efficacy of Agri-Mek for Control of Spider Mites in Walnut. Sibbett, G. Steven 1997 427
Spider Mite Control in Walnuts. Hendricks, Lonnie C. 1996 185
2-Spotted Mites. Brown, L.C. and C.S. Davis. 1971 10


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