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Section : Tree Nutrition

Sub-section selected: Minor Elements
Title Author Year Page
Effects of Pre-Plant Fertilizers Applied in Auguer Hole on Growth of Chandler Cultivar Walnuts. Olson, Bill and Nadeem Shawareb 1996 301
Boron Deficiency and Toxicity Studies in Walnuts. Brown, Patrick B. 1996 297
Improving Walnut Zinc Nutritional Status by Foliar Sprays. Brown, Patrick H., et al 1995 323
Improved Zinc Foliar Sprays for Walnut. Brown, Patrick and Qinglong Zhang 1994 318
Improving Zinc Status of Walnut with Foliar Sprays. Brown, Patrick and Quinglong Zhang. 1993 196
Effects of One "In Tree Hole" Fertilizer on First Year Growth of Walnut Trees Planted in a High Fertility Soil. Sibbett, G. Steven. 1993 189
Correction of Copper Deficiency in Walnuts. Olson, Bill, et al. 1990 244
Copper Deficiency in Walnuts. Olson, Bill, et al. 1988 141
Copper Deficiency in Walnuts Corrective and Investigative. Olson, Bill; K. Uriu and J. Pearson. 1987 148
Chaney, D.; K. Uriu and D.E. Ramos. 1971 14


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